Today we live in a world where Sex Workers, and the adult industry they make possible, are a segregated part of society and the Internet.

Sex Workers are often refused services or prohibited from using the same platforms as everyone else. This leads to a multi-billion dollar industry being driven underground.

Many companies in the industry have become incumbents with little interest in innovating, instead just profiteering off the backs of Sex Workers. A large percentage of companies also operate in the shadows with little transparency, no public representatives, or openness: barely trustworthy.

At Unobvious Technology, we're developing new products and services to improve the safety, security and profitability of sex-workers, and drive the adult industry forwards. Instead of hiding in the shadows, we're dedicated to doing business in an open and transparent manner. We're also 100% bootstrapped, without VC or external investment, so you don't have to worry about us being sellouts and screwing you over in the future.

In 2017, we announced our first product under development, PrivatePatrons: the inbox for Sex Workers. As of March 2020, we've been able to resume development part-time, after having to pause development for a few years.

You can email Emelia Smith, our founder, with any questions or enquiries.